Episode description:
Trigger / Content Warning: This episode contains some scenes of interrogation and at least one scene of fairly graphic violence.

Getting a little salty in this one...

Opening Quote:
Matt: I swear to god, if I get a straight critical fail on my initiative roll for the third time, I'm gonna ragequit here.

Player introduction:
Sean: Hello and welcome to another episode of the tabletop champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have Kyle who plays Cam...

Kyle: Howdy!

Sean: Matt who plays Cyrus...

Matt: Look into my eye.

Sean: Ben who plays Kallas...

Ben: Greetings.

Sean: Stephanie who plays Boone...

Stephanie: Ahoy-hoy.

Sean: And Lauren who plays Brenna.

Lauren: Why did the pyromancer and the necromancer divorce? They couldn't agree on how to raize the kids.

Sean: Jesus

Matt: Mmm.

Lauren: Hi guys.

Sean: Yeah! I almost screwed up on your guys's names there, I just had to think about what we were doing really quick and now we're there, and everybody's good.

Lauren: Just gonna sing to you next time.

Episode SummaryEdit

They pursue the creature that shot Kallas into the forest. They encounter a goblin druid, Kibs, and a talking fox along the path. They lose the trail, but tell Kibs about the incident with Zenith Othos being murdered and Kallas being attacked. They are ambushed by drow, and Kibs and the fox, who turns out to be the druid Cordata, help fight. Kallas knocks out the last drow and the party is attacked by creatures with the upper bodies of drow and the lower bodies of spiders (driders), who say that Lolth will judge them. The party runs, taking the unconscious drow with them. While preparing to question the drow, Cam gets into an argument with Kibs, resulting in Kibs and Cordata taking Zenith's body back to Silver Strings, leaving the party and the drow. Cam tortures the drow and Cyrus and Brenna attempt to talk to her, learning nothing except that she did kill Zenith. After a lengthy debate, they decide to go back to Silver Strings, where they will likely need to prove their innocence in Zenith's death.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Kibs: Okay, we have one rule here: Don't be an asshole. Everybody has assholes but doesn't mean you have to be one.


  • On their first rolls of the night, Lauren rolled a nat 1 and Matt (for once) rolled a nat 20.
  • Kyle's character makes a good javelin toss, inspiring the episode's title as a callback to episode 039.
  • Cordata is a character borrowed from the podcast Roll Like a Girl.

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