Episode description:
I think a few folks may enjoy this episode a great deal...

Opening Quote:
Lauren: "Hey, I'll do what I have to, man! I don't care - I'll punch a baby."

Player introduction:
Sean: "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions Podcast. I'm Sean, your Dungeon Master, and with me tonight - I'm going to remember them this week - we have Kyle who plays Cam...

Kyle: "Well, it has been a whole week. Howdy!"

Sean: "Gosh, it's been quite the week, guys! I don't think I even remember Matt who plays Cyrus..."

Matt: "Hey, you did it... now look into my eye!"

Sean: "Ben, who plays Kallas..."

Ben: "Hello there."

Sean: "Stephanie, who plays Boone..."

Stephanie: "A-hoy-hoy."

Sean: "And Lauren, who plays Brenna..."

Lauren: "My players asked me how to treat a female ghost. I told them, 're- specter'."

(Laughs and a few groans...)

Stephanie: "That's so dumb..."

Sean: "Specter? I hardly knew her!"

(More laughing)

Stephanie: "That was a good one, Sean!"

Kyle: "No, it wasn't!"

Stephanie: "We've got to give him some, right?"

Kyle: "No, we don't have to."

Lauren: "Ben found that one for me!" (laughs) "Hey, give me a little credit!"

Stephanie: "Duly noted."

Kyle: "No, no, no... we're giving you credit! I'm just taking the credit away from Sean."

Sean: "I'm also going to take it away from from myself because I stole that from The Last Man on Earth, but anyway... which is cancelled now and I'm say, but anyway... hey guys!"

Various: "Hi!"

Episode SummaryEdit

A dead human woman was probably one of the last things Kallas expected to find when inspecting the body of his deceased friend, a chubby halfling man named Tinker Gildrop. And yet he is assured by Marsipen Strongstaff, head of the guard in Bryce's Landing, that a Speak with the Dead spell confirmed that this was, in fact, Tinker's body. Kallas, through an autopsy, is able to discover that the body died of asphyxiation due to sand in the lungs (although none was found at the crime scene). Furthermore, he is provided with a black glass scale, one of several found with the body, after Kallas finds a piece of a scale broken off inside one of several ritalistic carvings made in the body's flesh. Lastly, Marsipen Strongstaff mentions a kris knife that was found at the scene, but mentions they had to destroy it after the curses on the blade drove one guardsmen insane.

After summarising his findings to the party, they decide that they truly have no time to spare in freeing Cyrus from his own kris blade's dark influences. They conclude that they should utilize their newly acquired teleportation circle tickets to get to Silver Strings as soon as possible. This decided, the party heads directly to the Circle and is soon teleported to the town of Silver Strings.

Just off of Silver Strings' teleportation circle, the party meets an odd dwarf with a bird's nest on the top of her head. She introduces herself as Twig and brings them directly to the town's new tavern, the Bloomin' Onion, to meet Jet. Along the way, she happily points out points of interest and gives a haphazard account of a dragon attack on the town not too long ago.

Soon they are introduced to Jet, a purple tiefling cleric, as she says goodbye to Little One and gives her a sweet of some kind. This baffles the party momentarily as Little One has been described as having her mouth sewn shut. Nonetheless, after the party provides a brief explanation of why they've sought her out, she takes one look at Cyrus and insists that they address the cursed kris bladed weapon, the Dagger of Ariman, he possesses immediately.

Jet ushers the party into and then behind the bar where there are some campfire circles. She quickly builds a fire, then provides Cyrus with a drugged shot of whiskey which knocks him out cold. With the party's assistance, they carry Cyrus next to the lit fire and place the hand the gips the dagger directly into the flames. Remarkably, his hand doesn't burn or char at all. Until, of course, the curse is broken and the dagger turns to ash. At this point Cyrus comes to his senses immediately, shouting and yanking his hand out of the blaze.

Free at last from the mind control of the cursed dagger, Brenna issues him one "dick punch" with the promise of more to come, while Boone yells at him for not being careful about what he touches. Cyrus, disturbed by all of this, acquires a mead and sits in the corner of the bar sulking.

The episode draws to a close with a couple brief introductions at the Bloomin' Onion. First, Corvino Silvertongue, a flamboyantly dressed, Halfling bard, briefly welcomes the party to Silver Strings. Next, a small, squat gnome pops up to tell the party about a series of death's surrounding a lake, but when they ask about payment, he just repeats himself. Finally, a serious looking, Human bard in a wide brimmed hat approaches our adventurers.  

The bard introduces himself as Trebeck, the head of the Bards College in town. Trebeck invites them all to accompany him back to the college to discuss a job with which he could use their assistance. As the episode ends, we see the party leaving the Bloomin' Onion with Trebeck, with the exception of Cyrus. Cyrus decides he needs some time to himself and remains at the tavern to drink, think and sulk.  

Memorable QuotesEdit

Lauren: "I have typed a shit-ton of notes for this (campaign), okay? Just FYI."
Kyle: "I appreciate that those exist and also will never read them, so..."
Sean: "I will read them because I will fuck this up."
Kyle: "And that's why I won't read them, because I appreciate that you guys are all working to make this make sense."

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