Episode description:
Silver what now?

Opening Quote:
Sean: "Oh... I got a new, quieter vape too, so..."

Player introduction:
Sean: "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions Podcast. I'm Sean, your dungeon... um... I..."

Kyle: "I'm Sean, your dungeon!"

Sean: "I'm Sean, your dungeon guy, and I don't have Roll20 open, so I'm still trying to remember your character's names. We're going to try and do it off the top. Ah... with me tonight, we have Lauren who plays Brenna..."

Lauren: "An evil crone sabotaged the printing press by making the type too heavy. She's a bad... uh... a hag of bolding."

Sean: "Kyle who plans Cam..."

Kyle: "Howdy!"

Sean: "Matt who plays Cyrus..."

Matt: "Hi there!"

Sean: "Stephanie who plays ... (whispers) what's your character name... again?"

Lauren and Kyle: "Boone!"

Sean: "Boone..."

Stephanie: "Jesus Christ, Sean! Ahoy-hoy!"

Sean: "And Ben who plays... Cy...?"

Lauren (whispers): "Kallas," (then louder,) "Kallas!"

Sean: "Kallas, Kallas!"

Ben: "Cyrus is already here Sean, come on. I've never been Cyrus."

Sean: "Hey guys!"

Lauren: "Hi Sean!"

Sean: "I wanted to stumble through it to see if I remembered yet... which I don't... I'm sorry. So, now that I've realized I need to learn you guys' character names a bit more, some shit happened last week. I do remember that."

Episode SummaryEdit

Hearing the general cacophony of an entire town of people coming out of a long enchantment, the party stands on the outskirts of town as episode 150 begins. After the townsfolk they were leading hurry into the village amidst more shouts of confusion and amazement, they have a quick discussion. Given that their mission, to save the town from an unknown threat, was now accomplished, they saw no advantage in delaying their return to Bryce's Landing and left town immediately.

They return to the Captain's Cat, where they have accommodations in Bryce's Landing. While the party sleeps, Cyrus is haunted by a vivid dream involving him choosing one of two paths: in the first, resplendent and victorious, Cyrus beams at the top of a hill of faceless corpses; in the second, blood-soaked and weeping, Cyrus stands on top of a hill of men's, women's, and children's corpses. As the dream comes to a close, Cyrus chooses the first path and awakens with a start to a knock at his door.

Meanwhile, Cam has risen before dawn in order to rouse the rest of the party and gather them at Cyrus' door. He lets them in, reluctantly, and prepares to try and resist the curse at dawn. As dawn arrives, he succeeds in the Wisdom save, but Sean informs the party that Cyrus is still under the curse and that the curse (or the power behind it) has adapted. Cyrus' desire to keep the dagger is stronger than ever, but perhaps more disturbing is the line of dark smoke that has begun to trickle constantly from his covered eye.

Despite this setback, everyone in the party leaves the inn to look for Samjasa, the tiefling who hired them to investigate the town of Orlane. They find her at her inn and have soon reported to her everything that happened and what they accomplished. They are rewarded with some gold, but also something even more valuable. She provides each member of the party with five vouchers to use the teleportation circle (AKA "the Circle") to travel to any other Circle on the continent.

Lastly, they beseech Samjasa for advice on how to break the curse currently afflicting Cyrus. After a quick inspection of Cyrus and his kris-bladed dagger, she urges the adventurers to travel to Silver Strings with all haste. Once there, they should seek out a healer named Jet who Samjasa thinks can help Cyrus, if they can make it in time (Cyrus does not have long).

As the episode draws to a close, Kallas returns to the see the head investigator who has been working on the murder case of Kallas' good friend, the halfling named Tinker Gildrop. Kallas had been told in the first episode that Tinker's body was being investigated for evidence and therefore could not be released to Kallas for burial. This time, however, the guard investigator is ready to release the body into Kallas' custody. Kallas draws back the sheet covering the face of the body as the episode ends. Instead of the familiar halfling male face he expects to find, he finds himself looking at a female human.

Memorable QuotesEdit

(After learning of the smoke now trickling from Cyrus' eye)

Brenna: "It's a-puffin!"

Cam: "We had to pay extra for your room (Cyrus)... you know... because of the smoking."

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