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Episode description: Honestly my favorite title in ages.

Catch Phrase: "Yeah, that's like the biggest thing I cut from you, Sean. Aye, maybe a couple uhms here and there, but it's mostly snot'n'vape." - Kyle


Sean, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have Steph, who plays Boone."

Stephanie, "Agh-hoy-hoy."

Sean, "Kyle, who plays Cam."

Kyle, "(coughs) Greetings."

Sean, "Lauren, who plays Brenna."

Lauren, "The Dark Elf poison knocks you out. You could says it made you Drow-sy."

Matt, "Uuugh."

Sean, "Matt, who plays Cyrus."

Matt, "Sorry, Lauren, that made me feel ill."

Sean, "And Ben, who plays Kallas."

Ben, "Greetings."

Episode Summary Edit

The party are all stuffed into the robing room in the temple of Sehanine in Orlane, having found it by following a secret underground passage coming from the Golden Grain Inn. They are confronted by the priest who was leading the church service earlier, but they talk their way past him by challenging him about the suspicious cult attire they found in a chest they broke open.

The party leave the temple and walk back to the inn, noticing that a number of suspicious people seem to keep tabs on them. Back at the inn, they find it empty. They use this moment to search the kitchen, and discover a hidden trap door. After springing the trap, Cam and Brenna find a secret room with more cultist masks and a dagger. The dagger has a kris blade and a snake-shaped handle with a gem in its mouth for a pommel. They also find documents, including plans for the secret passage from the inn to the temple, as well as a map that shows a path leading from the temple out into the swampland, the surrounding Deep Black, to some kind of ruined structure.

The party now decide to explore these ruins in hopes of finding the people who have disappeared from Orlane. To avoid discovery, they intend to wear the cult robes and masks they have acquired. As a ruse, Cam suggests to pretend to get drunk at the inn, go up to their rooms, and then sneak out in secret.

The plan starts going awry straight away when the innkeep kicks them out of the Golden Grain Inn. They can only secure a new room at the Slumbering Serpent with some trouble. Kallas then checks on the local law, learning that the guards are unwilling to believe them or help them in any way. Instead, they suggest his group leave town.

Cam and Boone camp outside until midnight, when they don cultist robes and masks and sneak out to the back of the temple of Sehanine, where they rendezvous with the other three, who have snuck out of the Slumbering Serpent, euqually disguised.

They notice a nearby back entrance, and hear voices approaching. Two cultists are coming to the entrance, carrying a captive under a black hood to the temple in the dark of night because Brenna blocked their tunnel at the inn with the corpses of the attackers from the first night in town.

Failing to avoid discovery, Cam pipes up and rouses the cultist's suspicion. They won't have his banter, and a fight breaks out.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Sean, "As you guys walk up to the inn it's not there and a little boy says: 'Why, that inn hasn't been there in 40 years!' "

Cyrus, "Do you think they‘re still alive there or do you think they‘ve just killed them as soon as they got there?"
Brenna, "Yes!"

Cam, "Every good plan starts with someone defensively calling it a good plan."

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