Episode description:

Opening Quote:
"It's bad- Oh man, this is bad- Oh maaan-"—All

"What is going on?"Sean

"Does God hate us?"Lauren

Player introduction:
Sean, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have Ben, who plays Elyron."

Ben, "Greetings!"

Sean, "Matt, who plays Minos."

Matt, "Where's the beef?"

Sean, "Steph, who plays Lux."

Stephanie, "Goodbye to you all."

Sean, "Kyle, who plays The Wild."

Kyle, "We are... not ready."

Sean, "And Lauren, who plays Ren."

Lauren, "I don't even have a D&D pun today."

Episode SummaryEdit

The docks of RhayadaEdit

The episode opens with the gang as clouds seeing Alenia exit off a boat at the docks of Rhayada. She is walking with a cane, and looks like she has aged immensely since when they last saw her. She is also missing an eye. She looks over at their clouds, and it is unknown if she identifies them.

The town starts to rouse upon her arrival, and since it is 4 am, this makes it evident that she was expected. 

The Havenguard decide to shift out of cloud form in the upper tier of the city, close to the town hall. Everyone passes their perception checks in the alley and notices a group of guards, including an orc who Elyron recognizes, named Gildron Serinath.

As the guards leave, Ren hatches a plan to have The Wild grow a tree in the middle of town, and then, once the town guard brings out Havish for his execution, the gang will cause a large distraction and use said tree as an escape point to save him. The Wild adds that people could use the growing tree to get another vantage point, or that they could turn into a creature to sow destruction.

They debate over doing something about Alenia, since they are in the same town and have a few hours to burn before the execution. Elyron asks Lux if she could disguise herself as Gildron Serinath, and she does. They then discuss altering the plan to just walk into town hall and retrieve Havish. Ren suggests just slipping Havish a note through a window, but Elyron (having been held there before) knows that the only way in or out is through town hall.

As they are talking, Gildron Serinath and Alenia come into view, walking arm-in-arm toward town hall. Lux transforms back into her child form, and tries to read Alenia's mind, but before she can, Alenia (in everyone's mind) says "I can see you."

This sparks the gang into action. The Wild grows a 60 feet tall tree in the alley, which is about twice the height of all surrounding buildings. The guards around Alenia and Gildron Serinath take to arms, but Alenia shoos them off and asks the party to come out. The Wild steps out of the alley, tailed by Minos. They have a short back and forth, before Alenia tells them that if they won't fight today, then she will go get some sleep.

The Wild tells Ren that they believe Havish is already lost, and that this is a trap. Ren casts Locate Creature, and affirms that her father is alive and underground, but The Wild restates that they see no way of the party and Havish making it out alive. They finish by stating that the Feywild will never die, and that they will support Ren, but believes that this mission will not end without death.

Ren affirms that the Alenia they have been interacting with is the real Alenia. Alenia returns to offer them for, and they fight over whether or not she is a traitor. Everyone rolls an insight check, and Minos knows that her acts of good are lies. Alenia heads into the town hall, and the group has to make a new plan. 

Elyron casts Nomadic Anchorresearch needed: which spell? next to the escape tree, and tells the group that if he can get to Havish, he can bring them both to that spot, and everyone else just needs to be ready to escape. Everyone rejoices until Travers chimes in that he wants to taste Alenia's blood, and that Elyron should unsheathe him at the execution. Final plan: Elyron, Minos, and Ren free the pirates. The Wild and Lux cause a distraction. Win, win.

Sean takes Elyron aside to ensure that he knows that his evil sword with a blood lust for Alenia just said it has a plan for the execution, and that Elyron seems to not being questioning it, and Elyron affirms that he also has a plan, and that this will be fine.

Ren tells everyone that if things go wrong, no one is allowed to sacrifice themselves, and to just go to the tree.

The town is clamoring with anticipation for seeing the Queen as well as some pirate executions. The gang spreads out to maximize efficiency. Clerics come out to start the execution, and Gildron monologues about justice and Alenia , before passing her his sword. She talks about the justness of the executions as well, and has Havish presented.

The Wild casts Conjure Woodland Beings and has his pixies spread out, and Ren does the same. As Alenia goes to strike Havish, Ren shoots an explosive arrow at the stage entering the party into combat. 

They get a surprise round, starting with Ren. Alenia makes no move to dodge the explosion and while smiling, her body turns to ash. Travers (the sword) transforms into Travers (the farmer) with a sword and plate armor, and tells Elyron they need to go. The crowd goes wild. Lux flies toward Havish, and Elyron teleports everyone but The Wild directly to the escape tree. The Wild proceeds to use his pixies to polymorph three guards into bears, make themselves fly, polymorph the duke into a puppy, and cast Detect Evil and Good on Travers (ultimate lawful good). They also make one final guard go to Sleep. 

Sean clarifies the description of Detect Evil and Good, and realizes it is an AOE spell. He reveals that there is a supreme amount of evil coming from around Ren. Ren's Feral Senses show there is no invisible people near her. The Wild teleports everyone to a tree in the Fae Forest about three hours from Haven

Back in the woods near HavenEdit

Travers is confused, as he wasn't supposed to be released from the sword until Alenia died, and no one believes she actually died. Havish grieves the loss of his crew.

The Wild shares with the group that Ren is surrounded by a cloud of immense evil. She casts the same spell to check, and it proves true. Elyron casts Locate Creature to pinpoint Alenia, and she pings as being at Blackrock from the Oculous. Elyron can see a glimpse of an eye in it. Everyone inspects it, and Elyron is able to identify the stone as a phylactery. 

Everyone discusses how to destroy it, with Ren championing the idea of bringing it to the Flame of Hope. Travers is asked to strike it with his sword, and when he does tendrils of black energy lash out and kill him. Cue collective panic, and then manic laughter. 

Memorable QuotesEdit

Travers, "We will taste Alenia's blood this day."
Elyron, "... I mean, you- you can do that, that- that's more your thing than my thing..."

Alenia, "Do you have any last words?"
Havish, "Fuck you."

The Wild, "We wanted to be dinosaurs :("

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