Episode description:
Whatcha gonna do when Lexymania destroys you?

Opening Quote:
"Matt we're twinsies!"—Lauren
"But I don't want this kind of twinsy"—Matt

Opening Quote:
Sean - "Hello and welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions podcast. I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have:"

Ben who plays Signam - "Uhh, I don't have something to say"

Matt who plays Tango - "It takes two to Tango"

Stephanie who plays Sexy Lexy - "Ohoy hoy"

Lauren who plays Trev - "Did you hear about the ranger who couldn't go to the black tie event? All he had was bows"

Kyle who plays Torgo - "I came into this world as reject"

Episode SummaryEdit

The party fights the dragon. The battle finally ends after Tango scares the dragon away with dissonant whispers.

After the battle Tango sings a song to Moradin asking for directions and the party is directed further down the caves.

While walking down a path, the party meets a drow called Huakim. At first, when Huakim sees the PCs, he pleads for mercy, but after he learns that the PCs are not there to investigate, Huakim acts like nothing is amiss. The party obviously suspects he’s lying and after some interrogation (especially from Lexy) he tells the truth. It turns out that his group of drows had been fighting a group of dwarves when suddenly everybody except Huakim dies from a steam blast. Lexy is suspicious of Huakim and decides to tie him up and bring him with them further into the cave. 

When they investigate the battle ground, Signam notices an opening in the back of the room. When the party peers through the crack, they see it goes almost directly down, ending in a large cavernous room with lava. Lexy decides to lower Huakim down from the crack to make him report back what he sees. Trev uses message to talk to Huakim about what he sees. Huakim offers to tell the party the way they need to go, if they will let him go free. The party discusses whether to accept Huakim’s offer, but before they have decided Lexy feels the rope go slack and Huakim has escaped.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Sean, "Everybody who saved is going to take half of a half of 56, otherwise known as a quarter in triangle math. Actually I don't think it's triangle math, I think it's letter math."

Lauren, "Smashing a dwarf, slapping a dragon, right gal?"


New NPCs Edit

  • Huakim - Drow coward

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