Episode description:
This week we hear from....well I guess lets find out.

Opening Quote:
"Just google, best magic item ever"—Stephanie

Player introduction:
Sean - "Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions podcast. I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have:"

Lauren who plays Ren - "Why was the dragon such a good musician? Because he was a master of all the scales."

Matt who plays Minos- "Where's the beef?"

Stephanie who plays Lux - "Hi guys"

Ben who plays Elyron - "Greetings"

Kyle who plays Colin - "In the times of chimpanzees I was a monkey"

Episode SummaryEdit

In the evening the party sees a large red meteor in the skies. They get a feeling like something has changed in them - they have new abilities.

They party feel good and optimistic. Lux is lying on her back looking up on the stars; she feels like she is in tune with everything around her, but also like someone is talking to her. 

Lux decides to find a quiet place to meditate (commune), to try to communicate with the person contacting her. While Lux meditates, the PCs suddenly feel tired and they dose off into a sleep.

Then they wake up, they find themselves floating amongst starts, looking down on what looks like Irulan. They hear a voice greeting them, presenting themselves as Moradin. Lux meditation had managed to bring the PCs to Moradin. In order to explain who he is, Moradin takes the PCs back to the beginning of Irulan (The Creation) and let the PCs feel what it was like. The PCs feel sleepy and starts to nod off.

When the PCs wake up, they are in the bodies dwarves, standing in a large city made of stone. Colin is a dwarven sorcerer named Torgo Weedleworm. Ren is a dwarven wizard named Trev Weedleworm, sister to Torgo. Elyron is a dwarven monk named Signam Heraldine. Minos is a dwarven bard named Tango Morningstar. And Lux is a dwarven barbarian named Sexy Lexy.

Together with Nornir the Clairvoyant and Shakey Smackaroo, the group has travelled to Matrash, city of angles. The dwarves along with other races have been feeling the existence of a herald of Moradin (The Flame of Hope). This has led to a large hunt to find the fire. The party has traveled to Matrash, in order to participate in the hunt.

When the PCs reach Matrash, they leave their horses in stable, where they meet a human stablemaster named Travers. After that, they seek audience with the king, Diibo Gifdregon , who praises the PCs for their upcoming task and wishes them luck.

The party leaves Matrash and ventures deeper into the caves. In one of the caves, the stalactites suddenly collapse, closing the path behind them. Trev stumbles and a stalactite pierces her leg to the ground. In front of the PCs, they see a large Cave Dragon who says “You have found your way to the wrong cavern”.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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New Characters Edit

  • Torgo Weedleworm
  • Trev Weedleworm
  • Signam Heraldine
  • Tango Morningstar
  • Sexy Lexy
  • Nornir the Clairvoyant
  • Shakey Smackaroo
  • Diibo Gifdregon

New Places Edit

  • Matrash, City of Angles

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