Episode description:
Little known fact, the first version of the game Hot Potato was actually played with swords.

Opening Quote:
"Stop encouraging bad behavior, dammit!"—Ren

Player introduction:
Sean - "Hello and welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions podcast. I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have:"

Lauren who plays Ren - "What did the player say to the DM? Please don't kill me."

Stephanie who plays Lux - "Hi guys"

Matt who plays Minos - "Where's the meat"

Ben who plays Elyron - "Greetings"

Kyle who plays Colin - "Hangin around downtown by myself"

Episode SummaryEdit

The party is trying to cut through the door to the cave, but with little success. Then they hear a voice from the magic blue sword that Elyron had picked up. The sword introduces itself as Travers and he offers to help save Ren.

Elyron asks Travers how he can help them and Travers tells Elyron to look at the sword to get an explanation. When Elyron pulls out the sword he sees the text “Murder Alenia” and he blacks out.

Five minutes later Elyron regains consciousness. He is covered in blood and intestines, and he is bringing Ren out of the door. It turns out, that while he was passed out; Elyron had slaughtered all the people in the cave and saved Ren. Ren is wearing the top half of Nate’s head as a hat, and she has a very horrified expression.

While the party tries to piece together what happened to Elyron, Ren runs back to free the other prisoners. Travers explains that he used to be a person, but Alenia had punished him and turned him into the sword. Then he goes to sleep.

The party decides to camp for the night outside the cave, while they tends for the prisoners. They search the cave for supplies to the prisoners and information about Nate. There are plenty of supplies, but the only information they find, is a note from Alenia to Nate. Apparently Alenia had tried to make an alliance with Nate. The prisoners explain that they were tricked into slavery. They thought they were going to a “sullied” camp (Blackrock), but instead they ended up in the cave.

Later, the party discusses how to get to The Nine Hells, in order to search for Arkwright. They ask Vrath if she has any suggestions, but the moment she exits Minos beard, she can feel an evil present. When she sees Travers she immediately wants Elyron to leave Travers.

When Elyron doesn’t immediately want to leave Travers, Vrath asks Lux to convince Elyron. Lux doesn’t succeed in convincing Elyron, but during the conversation Travers talks to Elyron in his head. Travers explains that he won’t leave before Alenia has been murdered. However, he offers Elyron to bond with some of the other PCs (except Ren). The group talks about what to do about Travers, but in the end Elyron decides to keep Travers himself.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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New CharactersEdit

  • Travers - Living sword created by Alenia.

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