Episode description:
He really did the damn thing

Opening Quote:
"I don't pee in your hot tub."—Sean

Player introduction:
Sean - "Hello and welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions Podcast. I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have:"

Sean who play Vrath - "Sup"

Matt who plays Minos - "Muh"

Ben who plays Elyron - "Greetings"

Stephanie who plays Lux - "Hey guys"

Lauren who plays Ren - "What do you call a mountaintop guarded by rogues? A sneak peek!"

Kyle who plays Colin - "I wish you would step back from the ledge my friend."

Episode SummaryEdit

When the party hears Baghead’s laughter they tell the animal children to go hide in the tree house. During the fight, Baghead manages to switch body with Elyron. Luckily the animal children had already told about what Baghead could do. So it doesn’t take the PCs to realize Elyron isn’t controlling his own body. Eventually the PCs defeat Baghead by knocking Elyron unconscious.

After defeating Baghead, the party and the animal children travel to The Cider Forest. When Lux passes the border to the forest, she changes shape. She grows to the size of an average human, her skin and eyes becomes milky white and her hair is stark white, but her clothes stays the same. Minos becomes suspicious about the change, but Lux uses changeling tricks to convince him that nothing has change.

Eventually the party meets The Moonlit King. He is very excited to meet the party. He prepares a magical feast for the PCs and the animal children. After the food is done, The Moonlit King explains that Andrew was a traitor working for the king and then he tells the party to leave the forest. When they try to ask more questions, The Moonlit King just replies, “You should leave the forest now”. Then he disappears. 

Uncomfortable with The Moonlit King’s reply and the fey magic, the party hurries out of the forest. To their big surprise, when they passes the edge of the forest they can see Haven. Almost as if they had exited The Lost Woods and not The Cider Woods.

What is even stranger is that the PCs can see themselves inside Haven. Ren notices Andrew walking into Haven and then she hears The Moonlit King saying, “He’s going to kill all of you. You should do something about this.” Without hesitating, Ren shoots an arrow towards Andrew. The arrow passes through a brazier on the wall, igniting it before it kills Andrew.


New NPCsEdit

  • Lux's stuffed owl (owlbear)

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