Episode description:
I promise... things start to look up at some point

Opening Quote:
"God, It's full of stars"—Sean

Player introduction:
Sean - "Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions Podcast. I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have:"

Ben - "Greetings"

Matt - "Muh"

Stephanie - "Hey guys"

Lauren - "Ben, I was gonna torask you a question but I slay it for later"

Kyle - "Oh my god Beccy, look at her but"

Episode SummaryEdit

The party prepares to set camp for the night after a tough fight against the mask wight.

Colin is still in despair by the disappearance of the orphanage. During Elyron and Colin's nightshift, Elyron asks Colin about the orphanage, but Colin isn't tell him that he isn't ready to talk about it.

During his night shift Minos contacts Ishitaka with the magic scroll. Minos is frustrated because Kazu Raishi didn’t seem to care for their home islands anymore. Ishitaka tells Minos not to worry and that they should meet up in Trenton again. 

During Minos’ nightshift, Vrath is contacted by a person called The Moonlit King, who is part of the Seelie Court. He tells that he has a way to make everything good again, if the group meet him in The Cider Woods.

During Lux and Ren's nightshift, they use the time to talk and learn more about each other’s background.

The next morning Minos tells the rest about The Moonlit King. After some discussion, the party decides to go to meet with The Moonlit King. Colin is the person mostly against it.

During the travel to The Cider Woods, the party comes across a strangely deserted farming area. They find a large tree inhabited by 69 “sullied” children. The children explain the reason that the area is deserted is because of something called Baghead. After seeing the horrible conditions the children live in, the party tells the children about Haven. After some discussion, the party decides to bring the children with them on the way back to Haven.

Right before moving on toward The Cider Woods, the party and the children hear the laughter of Baghead.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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New NPCsEdit

  • The Moonlit King - Fey person, who is part of the Seelie Court.
  • Sullied animal children from the tree house.

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