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Some fates are worse than death, like thinking Chick-Fill-a makes the best fast food chicken sandwich #itDoesnt

Opening Quote:
"It's a magical STD"Minos

Player introduction:
Sean - "Welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions podcast. I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have:"

Ben - "Muuuhhh"

Matt - "God dammit Ben"

Stephanie - "Muuuhhh"

Lauren - "Muuuhhh"

Kyle - "I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy"

Episode SummaryEdit

d20 rollsEdit

  • Stephanie = 13
  • Lauren = 16
  • Kyle = 10
  • Matt = 1
  • Ben = 20 -> Sean

Sean's recapEdit

"Now here is the ten second version. Minos and Vrath have a talk, Tode is still alive apparently. You talk with the pirate about several options about where you can go. You guys chose the option to go to Lake Eutax. You went to The Serpent Spire, went through. A battle ensued where Ren used the Oculous to attack an opposing ship. You guys got away and now you are on the coast."


The party starts at the southern cost of Lake Eutax, between The Hangmans Woods and The Empyrean Spires Mountains. After discussing the best route to Haven, the adventurers decide to skirt The Hangmans Woods between The Empyrean Spire Mountains.

After having walked for a day, the adventurers decides to stop at an inn (The Inn at the Crossroads) to eat and restock supplies. They are allowed to eat in the inn, however they are asked to leave as soon as they are done.

While eating the breakfast, the adventurers notice a huge man sitting at a table with a little girl. The man gets into a fight with the rest of the customers, because of something the adventurers can’t hear. When Minos sees a group of people ganging up on one man, he decides to stand up and help the man. However, the man turns out to be Kazu Raishi, another survivor from Minos’ home islands and Kazu is more than capable of protecting himself. After recognizing Kazu, Minos tries to convince him that they need to reclaim their homelands. However, Kazu is not interested in the islands or the samurais anymore. Kazu says that he has a new purpose now, while he looks at the girl (named Rea). At this moment, the rest of the adventurers decide to get Minos to leave the inn, before they get blamed for fight.

By midday the adventurers crest the foot hills and they are welcomed by a landscape of open sprawling weedfields with sparse farming houses. Crossing this landscape the adventurers aim to walk through corn field to stay better hidden. After about a half days walk, the adventurers inevitable come across a farmhouse. At first the farmer welcomes the adventurers to come by the farm, but when they get closer the farmer notice they are new races and he says, “Ahh, y’all being sullied. My husband and I don’t take kindly to your kind around here”. It leads to smaller verbal argument, ending with Colin throwing a piece of bread after the farmer. The adventurers leave before the conflict continues any further.

After having walked the whole day, the adventurers decide to make camp for the night at a good distance from any houses. During the dinner, Ren asks Elyron about what happened to him and Alenia when they visited Dr. Smuckers T. Goodboy. This is the first time the group talks about what actually happened, since Alenia betrayed them. They also tell Lux everything about Alenia and Elyron show his scar.

In the middle of their conversation, Colin and Ren hear the sound of something cutting through the weedfield, coming towards the group. Colin immediately stands up and warns the group. Then he runs to the cornfield to try to sneak around the enemy. Minos decides to unshed his sword, stand up and call, “Reveal yourself, stealthy one!” 

The creature stands up, and the adventurers see an armored, horn-helmed creature, bearing a purple smoking kukri. It runs up to Minos and attacks him. During the fight, Colin is hit by the mask wight’s kukri. At this moment the orphanage in Haven disappear from history and it’s only Colin who knows that it happened. Before it dies, the mask wight releases a wail that deafens all the adventurers. Luckily, Ren still has enough magic to restore everybody’s hearing.

After the adventurers have defeated the mask wight, Colin tells the other that the orphanage has disappeared, but nobody understands what he’s talking about. Ren tries to cheer up Colin, but with limited success. 

Minos goes to look at the creature they just defeated. The armor is already starting to decay, but the mask is intact. Minos, Elyron and Ren discuss whether they should keep, leave or destroy the mask. At some point Ren decides to pick up the mask, to throw it away. But as she does so, Ren is enchanted by the mask and she puts it on. The mask lets out a wail that sends Elyron, Lux and Colin unconscious. Minos manages to endure the attack and he manages to wrestle the mask off Ren. Minos suppresses the enchanting effect of the mask and through it on the ground. With his magic sword, he cuts the mask in halves. 

Minos and Ren manage to heal their friends before they bleed out. Ren feels extremely guilty about what happened. Tired, beaten and depressed the adventurers start to go to sleep.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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New NPCsEdit

  • Kazu Raishi – Human, Person from Minos’ home island (earth clan)
  • Rea – Girl following Kazu Raishi

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