Episode description:
We're on a boat! Briefly...

Opening Quote:
"Best pirate ever!"Sean

Sean - “Hello and welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions podcast. As always I’m Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have:”

Ben - “Hello”

Matt - “Where, where’s the beef”

Stephanie - “Huuuhh, What is my new intro? I don’t know”

Lauren - “Hashtag Muh”

Kyle - “I can stay awake, just to hear you breathing

Episode SummaryEdit

d20 RollsEdit

  • Kyle = 8
  • Stephanie = 1
  • Lauren = 4
  • Matt = 2
  • Ben = 2

Stephanie's recapEdit

Stephanie: So last week, started out the episode by finding out that Alenia has been betraying and… or I guess she basically betrayed her entire party. She basically the worst and has been following them for 10 years.

Sean: She has her plans that Stephanie is not aware of.

Stephanie: Sure. That’s a real thing. I have no idea; Alenia is now Sean’s character. Then we were attacked by a demon and a dragon and a ton of undead. We battled them for a very long time. Introduced my new character Lux to the team. We all were knocked unconscious and when we woke up, we were with the demon and has abandoned us on what we think is a beach, maybe deserted island of a sort. 

Sean: One important point of note you forgot: Tode was in a battle above Haven, died, fell to the ground in the Haven courtyard, as a dead sweet, sweet mushroom dragon. But one important point of note, that you guys notices is that mushrooms begin to sprout around him.


(Some ideas:

  • Describe one significant thing that happened to each player character.
  • Describe some things the party has accomplished / failed at.
  • You can (additionally) quote the summary given in the episode.)

Memorable QuotesEdit

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