Episode description:
This one is super not cool, and not tight.

Opening Quote:
"I'm a beefcake, okay?"Matt

Player introduction:
Sean - “Hello and welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions podcast. I’m Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have:”

Kyle - “Everybody rock your body”

Ben - “Greetings”

Matt - “Where’s the beef?”

Stephanie - “Never trust anyone”

Lauren - “What would Colin do?”

Episode SummaryEdit

d20 RollsEdit

  • Lauren = 11
  • Ben = 17
  • Matt = 20 -> Stephanie
  • Stephanie = Unknown


(Some ideas:

  • Describe one significant thing that happened to each player character.
  • Describe some things the party has accomplished / failed at.
  • You can (additionally) quote the summary given in the episode.)

Memorable QuotesEdit

(Add your favorite funny / epic lines here.)

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