Episode description:
Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?

Opening Quote:
"'Eww this is gross!'—and they like, poke it with their finger."—Sean

Player introduction:
Sean - "Hello and welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions podcast. I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have:"

Ben - "Greetings"

Matt - "Where's the beef?"

Stephanie - "Strike first, question later"

Lauren - "Hallo"

Kyle - "Ooh that dress so scandalous"

Episode Summary Edit

d20 Rolls Edit

  • Matt = 10
  • Stephanie = 16
  • Lauren = 19
  • Kyle = 17
  • Ben = 2

Lauren's recap Edit

"Last time on Tabletop Champions, it was a bit of a clusterfuck there children. (Sean: just a little bit) It was interesting that’s for sure. We took the two kids that we rescued with us, to go investigate further into the dungeon to try to find Jade. We heard screaming and then nothing. First we got to a room that had a bunch of children’s clothes in it and we found Jade’s clothes. And then we went down the hall and found a giant fucking room full of sand and a mist in the middle that talked to us and that said it wanted our help. But we decided to “nope” and get out of there. But Colin went down a hall that had a demon baby that tried to possess Colin and whenever Colin took it back down the hall there to kind of show the party it ended up possessing Elyron. And shit got a little real there, and we were able to subdue him, but then Minos told us, “hey keep Colin distracted” and ran into the mist and lost a lot of intelligence. And he found Ariel, that’s how I’m gonna refer to her. And then Colin got confused and hit the baby, essentially killing it." (Kyle: My boy!) (Sean: no it wasn’t essentially killing it, he punched right in the face and it died.)


Getting the party togetherEdit

Colin is on his knees crying, completely heartbroken by the fact that he just killed the demon baby he had held in his hand.

Minos lifts the Elethia out of the mist. He attempts to bring both chests out, but when he grabs the chest to the right, the other one disappear. Once the Elethia leaves the mist her tail transforms into legs. Her intelligence is also back to normal and she can now help the players. She informs that Jade was taken through the door next to Alenia, by a cockroach type demon. She also warns the players about the terrible Flutter Flesh in the next room. However, if the players skirt the walls and don’t touch any stones near the center, The Flutter Flesh shouldn’t detect their present. 

Alenia use her helmet of telepathy on Elethia and hear her begging to Skrag to escape the dungeon. Alenia also learns that Elethia can’t leave the dungeon without being escorted out by the players. After this the players decide to bring Elethia with then.

Before proceeding the party decides to take a short rest, while Colin regains his composure.

The Flutter FleshEdit

Ren tracks the footprints of a child (Jade) and something else. It leads into the room with The Flutter Flesh. Elyron walks into the room; it is a large open room with a very large ceiling that has impenetrable darkness. Before entering the room, Elyron activates his crown of rage. However, Elyron has completely forgotten Elethia’s warning and walks straight into the middle of the room, thus alerting The Flutter Flesh. The Flutter Flesh appears to be a large butterfly made up by numerous different corpses. 

After killing The Flutter Flesh, the players notice a large door in the other end of the room. The door has a fist sized ruby fastened in it, but has no handle. After Minos has tried to push the door open, Colin decides to push on the ruby. The moment Colin touch the ruby, he takes 20 necrotic damage, but the door also opens.

Cockroach DemonEdit

The players hear an ominous chanting from the hallway behind the door, but they can’t see anything. When Elyron follows the hallway, he enters a room with cistern in the center. Elyron sees Jade staring down at somebody from above the mist as she is slowly being lowered into the cistern. Elyron leaps into the room attempting to catch Jade, but he is unable to move her in the air. While Elyron is hanging in the air on Jade, he notices a Cockroach Demon creature that stares at Jade keeping her in an almost trance like state. The Cockroach Demon lowers Jade and Elyron down toward the cistern. From a black liquid in the cistern, black hands reach out, grabbing at Elyron’s ankles. The players now notice a human figure wearing red robes standing on the far side of a table on the other side of the cockroach demon. While Elyron and Jade are slowly being lowered to the cistern, Elyron manages to hook his feet on the edge of the cistern. Elyron hits the cockroach demon with a spectral mace, causing it to lose eye contact with Jade. The moment they lose eye contact, Jade begins to fall toward the cistern. Luckily, Elyron manages to hold her up. The red robed man has been watching the battle silently for some time, but suddenly decides to run for an exit. Before he manages to escape, Ren shoots an arrow in his head, killing him on the spot. Minos uses his sword to cut open the cistern and the black liquid begins to spill out. At this moment Elyron manages to pull Jade out of the grip of the black hands and carry her to safety. Jade has also woken up from her trance and is now crying, but she seems unharmed. Minos kills the cockroach demon by shoving it down the cistern. 

After the fight, Colin hurries to sweep up all the stuff on the red-robed man’s table. While doing this Colin notice a document with the same insignia as the document that was hanging outside Haven (a red dragon with scrolled tail). 

While the party hurries out of the dungeon with the three children and Elethia, Colin reads the document:

I care not what you do with the children of the sullied. Make sure The Queen does not hear about your misgivings. But any less sullied is a good sullied.

Salis Writ

Memorable QuotesEdit

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Combat Edit

Colin Elyron Minos Alenia Ren
Previous body count 1 0 0 0 1
Episode body count 0 0 1 0 2
Total body count 1 0 1 0 3
  • Ren: shoots The Flutter Flesh with arrow through one of its skulls. It pins the creature to the wall and crumbles up like a spider.
  • Ren: As the red-robed man tries to run away, Ren shoots him in the head and he collapses on the ground.
  • Minos: shoves the cockroach demon into the cistern.
Colin Elyron Minos Alenia Ren
Previous knock outs 1 0 0 1 0
Episode knock outs 0 0 0 1 0
Total knock outs 1 0 0 2 0
  • Alenia: She gets knocked out by the insects released from the cockroach demon when it dies.


  • Ren loots the red-robed man: 50gp, a mask of golden metal, a magic red robe.
  • Minos opened the chest from the mermaid: 200gp, a large ruby.
  • Jade was found wearing fine clothes.
  • Colin looted the red-robed man's table: many unknown objects, a document signed by Salis Writ.

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