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Episode Description: Not Again!

Catch phrase: "I am sorry about whatever happen" - Kyle


Sean - "Hello and welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions Podcast. I'm Sean your dungeon master and we have:"

Kyle - "So open up your morning light and say a little prayer for I"

Matt - "Hallo"

Stephanie - "What belongs to you, belongs to me"

Lauren - "Hi"

Ben - "Greetings"

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d20 Rolls Edit

  • Stephanie = 13
  • Kyle = 6
  • Lauren = 4
  • Matt = 17
  • Ben = 18

Recap by Ben Edit

So last week we had a meeting with the Burning Arrow people, where we found out that unlike New Doladon, they’re racist to the originally races instead of the new races. So we said no and they left. And then we get back and there is an alarm going off, because three kids went missing. So somebody found the trail and we followed it, out into the woods were we found this creepy dungeon that we broke our way into. Without any trouble, what so ever.

Now we started to explore this creepy dungeon, Colin almost fell into some acid and then found some weird monsters that were doing something. And he came back to find us and we decided to go in a different direction, saw some weird paintings and then eventually found a room with a bunch of cages and kids in it. And this weird cloaked monster with clawed hands. Colin and Alenia really didn’t like it at all. (Sean: I think Minos liked it least, cause Minos can’t heal right now, by magical or other means.) Alenia, I think took some dexterity damage. (Stephanie: I did. I’m down too.) It was not a fun time for those guys. (Kyle: Nope, I’m still down half my hitpoints.) Also we saved the kids.

Episode Summary Edit

Splitting discussion Edit

The PCs discuss whether split the team in order to bring the 2 children back to Haven, or bring the children with them into the dungeon. When the PCs hear the scream of a child down the hallway, they decide that Minos should stay in the back of the group with Christoph and Tristane.

Clothes Room Edit

When the PCs walk down the hallway, they enter a room filled with very fine clothes (almost regal). To the left there is racks with female clothes and to the right male clothes, however all the clothes are in children sizes. In the middle of the room there is pile of less fine clothes. In the end of the room, there is a raised area with staircases going up on both sides, leading to another hallway. While investigating the room, Minos and Alenia realize the pile of clothes belongs to Jade. They also see a little changing area, and the PCs are now really creeped out.

Meanwhile Colin has run to the back of the room, onto the platform. He finds himself standing in front of a stone door with edgings of a cloud. It doesn’t appear to have any lock or handle, but when Colin pushes on it, it opens.

Mist Room Edit

The PCs are immediately greeted by a pile of sand when they enter the room, and the entire room seems to be covered in sand. Further into the room there appears to be a swirling mist in the center of the room.

From the mist, the PCs hear a wonderful singing. So wonderful, that Alenia can’t help go investigate the mist further. When she gets closer to the mist, the singing stops and Alenia hears a voice say , “Hallo, is there somebody out there?” The voice presents herself as Elethia. Elethia explains that she is trapped in the mist, but she can’t remember how it happened or who did it. In fact, during the conversation the PCs realize that there are a lot of things Elethia can’t remember. The best description she can give of herself is what she can see: She has hands, a fish like tail and red hair down to her shoulders. However, Elethia insists that she know how to help the PCs find Jade, if they help her escape. She just can’t remember how.

In the end, Colin gives up on talking with Elethia and moves on to the next door. It is a flat blank wooden door and Colin can hear a faint infantile crying from the other side. In the north part of the room, Colin can see another door made of stone and emblazoned with engravings of a skull and a cockroach below.

Demon Baby Edit

Colin goes ahead of the other players, to further investigate the crying. In the room, Colin sees a table and on the other side of it there is a cage on the floor. When he moves further into the room, Colin notices a grayish baby in the cage. The view of a baby crying in a cage is too much for Colin’s heart to bear. So he walks over to the cage and pick up the baby.

At this moment, the rest of the PCs enter the room and the baby gets eye contact with Elyron. When it happens, the baby’s eyes become the same color as Elyron’s and Elyron’s eyes become black. Elyron gets an immediate urge to kill everybody around him and he starts to pull up his mace. 

Realizing something is wrong, Minos quickly push Elyron to the ground, proceeding to tie him up. Colin can see that the baby’s gaze is dangerous, so he gently drapes the baby’s eyes with a piece of cloth. Colin begins to move back to the team while carrying the baby.

While Minos, Ren and Alenia are struggling to subdue Elyron, they hear Elethia yell from the mist “I could have helped you”. When Ren and Minos ask Elethia how she can help she still don’t remember it, but she insists she can do something.

Suddenly as Colin is still approaching his friends, Elyron’s eyes turn back to normal color and the baby release a deafening cry (Elyron and Colin get confused). At the same time the baby attempts to pull off the blindfold, but Colin manages to grab the baby’s hands before it succeed. Therefore, Colin swaddles the baby with another piece of cloth, tugging its arm nice and tight.

Now that Elyron is acting normal again, Minos releases his hold of Elyron. Minos decides that now would be a good time to get help from Elethia, so he starts running toward the mist. Both Ren and Alenia try to stop him, but Minos is too big for them. He reaches the mist and the moment he steps into it, he fells his thoughts get slower (Minos’ intelligence drop by 6). Alenia sees the stone door and starts moving toward it. Ren positions herself between Minos and Alenia, ready to back up either of them if they need it.

Colin walks over to Elyron, who is still bound, and cut him loose. As Elyron stands up and brushes himself off, he says “I don’t know what that is, but that is not a normal baby!” He  proceeds to explain that the baby had switched minds with him, in order to control his body.

Colin, Elyron, Ren and Alenia start arguing what to do with the baby. Colin thinks it immoral to leave a baby in a dungeon, even if it is a demon baby, especially because they run an orphanage. The rest of the group thinks the baby is too dangerous. The argument ends when Alenia yells “Elyron just take it and get rid of it”, and Colin runs up on the ceiling with the baby. In frustration Alenia just continues walking toward the stone door and Elyron follows along. Ren attempts to keep the group together, looking out for both Colin and Minos.

During the argument, Minos has managed to find Elethia. He is about to carry her out of the mist, when Alenia yells that she have found tracks from Jade next to the stone door. 

Just when things are about to settle down, Colin’s minds are taken over by the confusion spell and he attack the nearest person, the baby. Colin delivers a punch to the baby’s face, killing it in one hit. 

Memorable QuotesEdit

Combat Edit

Colin Elyron Minos Alenia Ren
Previous body count 0 0 0 0 1
Episode body count 1 0 0 0 0
Total body count 1 0 0 0 1
  • Colin: During confusion, Colin bash the demon baby in the face and it crumbles to ash in Colin's hands.
Colin Elyron Minos Alenia Ren
Previous knock outs 1 0 0 1 0
Episode knock outs 0 0 0 0 0
Total knock outs 1 0 0 1 0
  • Nobody got knocked out.

New NPCs Edit

Elethia/Ariel - Mermaid in the mist

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