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Catch Phrase: "They weren’t even supposed to be here today" – Sean


Dungeon Master Level 150 Sean

Kyle | Colin Timble  | Mousefolk Monk

Ben | Elyron Surel | Aasimar Mystic

Matt | Minos Stoutheart Oda Masashige| Half-Minotaur Samurai

Steph | Alenia | Otter Rogue

Lauren | Ren | Rabbitfolk Ranger

Episode SummaryEdit

Season Introduction Edit

No review needed but the adventure begins with some background info:

After the ‘Shock’ occurred, races have been changed. Some, not all, animals became sentient and some humans have taken on other race personas (such as Aasimar). As is expected, some people are racists and believe the primary races are better, and others just want to get along and move on with life.

PCs start in a place where refugees come together. They decided to form a township called Haven. A society build-out was needed, and they’ve worked together to protect the town, forming the Havenguard. They stepped away from the hierarchy to the town council, but they preferred the guard.

Current problem: Haven is getting more and more people than they can support financially and provisioning wise. Party adventures to make some funds for support.

PCs also have their based HQ in an orphanage that they’ve founded.

Party adventures for money sake, and follow a tipoff to a cave of undead that’s rumored to have treasure. Opening starts with everyone at the treasure chest, unopened. (Character voice exploration begins)

Story Starts Edit

Colin unlocks the chest and finds a sad amount of treasure (3 copper, chipped ruby and a dust bunny). There is ultimately nothing available. Elyron tries to look on the upside that they’ve found a new toy chest for the orphans.

Haven is nearby and party embarks on it’s way back to town, some trying to be optimistic, others, not  so much.

It is revealed that Haven has been having issues with the towns people of New Doladon, in their rivalry for resources. They decide to go back to town, regroup and head out past their normal range to find and or make money.

Party encounters a traveling group on horses. New Doladon envoy is headed back to town, and consists of 20 different guards and 2 well dressed individuals. They are told to ‘Be on their way sullied.’ Since they left notice at haven and suggest to go to town to read it. It’s a ‘political document’ by Salis Writ. Party moves to the side and let the envoy push through.

In Haven Edit

PCs come back to a crowd forming around a tree where a notice for removal has been posted by Salis. He’s a lying POS basically telling them he represents the ‘sullied’ honestly. There’s a large enough country for all of them to be moved off and ‘compensation’ for what they can’t take with them, and an underlying tone of threat.

PCs disregard the note and the Queens’ status since she doesn’t represent them. Alenia throws the note away, but it does not bring any rest to the township. Collin gives a rather good speech about staying, and then asks for money in an attempt rally the troops.

Roth (council member and guard captain) gives another speech calling for a meeting with Shelia(town leadership. She invites the people to an open council meeting, and the town begins to follow her to the meeting hall.

Ren hands Colin money to be encouraging. Colin shares his food with a small molefolk child who shares it with some orphans.

Meeting Edit

Meeting begins. Cloaked figure interrupts and sets a bag down on the counter. They want to ‘invest’ in the colony and leave an insignia as well as a gift of good faith before they walk out.

The insignia belongs to the active resistance, The Order of the Burning Arrow. By taking the gold, they draw a line in the sand as the resistance is a pretty radical side. The bag contains 4000 gp.

The party decides that they should try and set up a meeting with the Order. Until then, they’re trying to figure out what to do with the bag of money. An uproar ensues with different opinions.

Aleina has a small child that visits her scared, he’s part of her mentoring group in different orphanages. They’re her little spiderlings. She’s been teaching them how to survive and gather intel. She reminds them of the number 1 rule: ‘Don’t trust anyone and don’t get caught.’ They initiate in the secret handshake.

The uproar in the meeting hall is getting out of hand. Colin attempts to call them to attention to take the floor. Minos takes the floor with his large voice. Colin asks the towns people to leave the money alone until there’s more intel gathered.

Meeting is dismissed. Aleina passes money and notes off to her children to start gathering info on the Order.

Colin helps Shelia keep an eye on the money and accompany her.

Elyron plays card games with kids to bring their mood up.

Minos does a quick check in on the guard.

Ren tries to track where the robed figure from the Burning Arrow came and left from, but they vanish without a trace.

Alenia holds a small class. On her way back, an arrow is shot at the house and lands in front of her. A note is attached to it; an invite to meet the Burning Arrow.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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  • Stats
    • Natural 1's rolled: 5
    • Natural 20's rolled: 0
    • Kills: No combat as of yet
  • New NPCs
    • Salis Writ – Duke of the ‘Lands’ and leader of the ‘Chosen People’
    • Minerva Ward – The ‘Right Queen’
    • Roth Haludren – Maug Council member (Not half-man and half dog Kyle)
    • Shelia - Fox Council member and leader of Haven
    • Gauldrin Valstag – Council Member (his parents gave him the name to shame him but owns the name)
    • Myrta Azeal – Council Woman and runs the orphanage when PCs aren’t there
    • Charlie – Orphan that is one of Alenia’s spiderlings.

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