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Episode description: 😭 😭 😭

Catch Phrase: “So unenthusiastic, he he” - Stephanie


Sean - “Hello and welcome to another episode of The Tabletop Champions Podcast. I’m Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have:”

Stephanie - “Ahoy hoy”

Matt - “I’ll be damned; it is a dagger in my pocket”

Kyle - “She’s into superstitions, black cats, voodoo dolls

Ben - “Hello”

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D20 Rolls Edit

  • Stephanie = 15
  • Matt = 15
  • Kyle = 6
  • Ben = 19

Recap by Ben Edit

"So last time after seeing the aftermath of the battle of Stebrook, it looked like the warmages had won the battle. And we all split up to go and figure out who was going to actually die. They decided to, well, The Raven Queen told us that we should take a portal from Stebrook into Avisac. Well, from Stebrook into the shadow plane and then into Avisac.

Let’s see, Eutax now has The Oculous, cause he convinced D'Nias that he’s the one who’s supposed to die not her. Aramel was planning on stealing it, so now he has to steal it from Eutax and it’s attached to Eutax’ arm. So that’s should be interesting.

Everyone saw dead people once we went to the shadow plane. D'Nias saw her mother and her gnomish family, Aramel saw his dead crew members, and Eutax saw Eutax, and then Skrag and Lena saw Randel. And they convinced Lena not to go and fight in the battle. And then we went up to the portal. Eutax opened it with The Oculous and there were some guys on the other side.

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Epilogue Edit

The Oculous pierce the vail, just as the remaining adventures were warped out to take their seats at the throne of the gods. A brilliant white light scattered across the landscape in a shockwave that shook the mortal plane to its very core. In its wake, the false king of Avisac and the remaining fallen gods crumbled into heaps of sand blowing in the wind, coating the area in an unforgiving desert.

Irulan itself was changed. The turmoil brought many earthquakes and reformed the land itself. Whole landmasses sunk into the sea and new land arose from the ocean depths creating a new world. As the magical energy wove itself once again through Irulan, great change was afoot. Certain animals once content to ??? their life away hunting and gathering, gained new sentience. These creatures gained the ability to speak, think for themselves and reason. Certain areas of Irulan also had great disturbances, many sensitive to the magical nature of The Weave were changed. New races were formed and Irulan were left to deal with its new form, for better or worse.

Aramel, D’Nias and Skrag now oversee the happening in the mortal realm. Hesitant to interfere too much in the affairs of mortals, they figured thing out for themselves. And in wake of this cacophony and destruction they were eager to how the remaining citizens of Irulan found their way in this new world. And in the end of all of this, you see Eutax standing in a small cave, cleaning plates and cooking dinner in some long forgotten land.

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