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Episode Description:
I think this group is going to make a pretty sweet pirate crew. Eutax is already shopping for eyepatches, he doesn't know what they do but he likes them.

Opening quote:
"Maybe I just want him to die, who knows?" - Ben

Player introduction:
Sean, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions Podcast, I'm Sean, your dungeon master, and with me tonight we have Kyle, who plays Eutax."

Kyle, " Some memories are best forgotten."

Sean, "Oh, you were ready this week. Ben, who plays Skrag."

Ben, "Hello."

Sean, "Stephanie, who plays D'Nias."

Stephanie, "Ahoy-hoy!"

Sean, "Scott, who plays Annungilon."

Scott, "Mae govannen, mellon nín."  (Elvish: Well met, my friend.)

Sean, "And Matt, who plays Caldious Argonaut."

Matt, "We must do research."

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In episode 056, Percy, the captain of the pirate ship The Cutter, has promised the party to arrange for their safe passage to Rhayada if they secure a treasure for him. It is hidden away on a mysterious jungle island that serves as a resting place for great pirates, and is guarded by the Undead. The party is still recovering from a fight with a spirit that protected a treasure box, which they now have in their possession. As they can't manage to open it, they decide to flee the island instead.

When they return to the beach landing, there is no trace of the boat and the old woman who originally brought them there, and Alvin the pirate is also suspiciously absent. Captain Percy is only now letting a boat to water to pick them up, when behind the party a horde of pirate skeletons breaks through the jungle. At the crack of dawn, they must now hold their ground until Percy has rowed to shore.

When Caldious and Eutax get severely wounded right away, the robot steps into a silvery Mist and appears safely in the boat. Meanwhile, D'Nias hurries to heal and support her friends with her bardic talent, which helps Caldious and Skrag (who are immediately surrounded) destroy some of the Undead. When the Tiefling conjures up a Cloud of Daggers, Skrag just starts shoving skeletons into it, but in vain, as more and more skeletons jump him. Meanwhile, Annungilon has conjured entangling vines to stop the attackers, and then wild shapes into a grizzly bear and throws himself into the fray.

From Percy's boat, Eutax unloads a barrage of magic missiles against a skeleton, and still fails to destroy it. It is then that the group realizes in terror that they have underestimated these Undead. The pirate skeletons retaliate, and one of them deals a massive blow against Annungilon, knocking him out of his wild shape and injuring the druid himself. In this moment, another skeleton moves against Caldious and mowes him down in a single blow, viciously splitting the Warmage in half. His arms manage to wrap around the armored skeleton in a Shocking Grasp, taking it with himself into destruction.

Having to watch his companion being slaughtered, Annungilon screams with agony and flies into a blind rage. He wild shapes once more into a grizzly bear, ripping into the Undead. He does not realize Caldious' eyes have turned black, his gored body now animated and rising back to his feet. He moves to attack first D'nias and then Annungilon, with a large group of skeletons breaking through the foliage behind him, moving against the party.

When Percy reaches the beach, D'nias and Skrag run for the boat, accepting they cannot win this fight. The Half-Orc is unaware of the change in Caldious, and drags him into the boat with them. He is surprised when the undead Warmage attacks him, and Eutax plugs into Caldious for a Shocking Grasp, while D'nais viciously mocks him. Skrag and Percy try to order Annungilon into the boat, not understanding what the druid is doing.

When the furious grizzly keeps biting and mauling into a horde of pirate skeletons swarming him, Percy decides to row the boat away from the beach, fearing for the lives of the rest of the group. In the early sunrise Eutax conjures a magical barrage, firing back at the beach to cover their retreat. The animated corpse of Caldious is pulled away from the boat, now bound to the pirate sanctum where Annungilon is left behind. As the bear slashes into the Undead, he imagines hearing Caldious' voice, urging him to flee for his life. In response the druid utters his last words, "Amin khiluva a' gurtha ar' thar." (I will follow you to death and beyond).

Character Sendoff Edit

Matt's and Scott's characters Caldious and Annungilon are send off to I'll Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie:

Death Cab For Cutie - I'll Follow You Into The Dark (Lyrics)

Death Cab For Cutie - I'll Follow You Into The Dark (Lyrics)

Memorable Quotes Edit

Scott, "Well, that's a lot of storyline that we won't get to explore any longer!"

Sean, "Uhm, it would be Caldious' turn, but--"
Caldious, "Blaaah ..!"

Sean, "So, on Caldious' turn, his eyes turn black and he stands up."
Stephanie, "Whoo! Oh wait, no ... that could be bad!"

Skrag, "Hey you, stupid bear, come back over here! Look, it's me, Caldious! Stop attacking skeletons!"

Kyle, "What skill check would it be to make the sound of a female bear in heat?"

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