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The party retreats from Loressea to nearby floating Stebrook after they defeated Silaqui and reduced the town to dusty dunes of purple crystaline amythyst. Everybody hops into the broken CAR and is towed by Torrin astride Sparkles. As they approach their city, it is clearly under attack. Once inside, they discover that Elizabet is responsible, wreaking havoc in Stebrook. She is speaking with Silaqui’s voice. There is also an ashen form of Devin Silverton, trying to smash the Floating City into the ground. The Chosen swoop in to defend their city, discovering the full meaning of Elizabet’s curse: Silaqui has chosen the woman’s body for her philactory. As Stark is paralyzed, the rest of the group fight Silaqui once more, eventually overcoming her and ashen Devin. The body disintegrates, and Silaqui vanishes for good. Stebrook is ablaze in flame, the violent flame evidencing the wrath of Devin Silverton.

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Ben, "It’s seems like you are trying to do an intro. Would you like me to say hello?"