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The Five are alone in a chamber with Aerohena Sylvari after a battle which was quite Heavy Metal. They try to wake the unconscious woman. They learn that the lich who imprisoned Torrin in a tooth held the city of Llandy hostage. Ever since The Chosen traveled to the Shield Peaks, a multitude of detrimental events are in progress. Nevertheless, they use the ruby scope and make out red signals in Chaewood and Rhayada. Nedylene has been bugging the party to travel to the City of Thieves even before they left Avisac, so they end up floating Stebrook there, far up to the north east. Markus barely manages to get the city there in one piece. One tower in The Mage College ends up with a Torrin-shaped hole. Everybody learns that Markus is a cautious driver. They travel down to Rhayada on pegacorn, but when they enter the city, Torrin is trapped in a net by the locals.

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