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The party wonders what to do with the remains of a lich they fought in the library in Llandy, but first they must free Torrin from the lich tooth he was imprisoned in. In the process, they free numerous other people who are imprisoned in the same way. As they try to leave, they are held up by guards. One guard has them wait as they disappear upstairs. The group decides to sneak after them, and find Aerohena Sylvari, tied up and beaten, in a chamber. A fight breaks out, and outside the window a skeletal dragon tries snatching people up. Sparkles the Pegacorn swoops in to join them, picking up Torrin, who then fights from pegacornback. Markus tries to subdue the dragon, fails, and Stark finally has it drop to its death. In the aftermath, the group gathers in the chamber, alone with Aerohena Sylvari, who is unconscious.

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