Episode description:
I'm sorry....its just too soon

Opening Quote:
"So, hepatitis here I come."—Sean

Player introduction:
Sean, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master, and with me tonight we have Kyle. Who plays Torrin. Caught you off guard, didn't I?"

Kyle, "Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started."

Sean, "Scott, who plays Nedylene."

Scott, "Realist pop punk."

Sean, "What?!"

Scott, "House words-house words of house Wonder Years."

Sean, "House Wonder Years?"

Scott, "Yeah. Realist pop punk."

Sean, "Matt who plays Markus."

Matt, "We must do research!"

Kyle, (referencing chat) "Jesus, Ben."

Sean, "Ben- Ben who plays- Ben who plays Stark."

Matt, "I'm making that a thing!"

Kyle, "You're trying, at least!"

Ben, "Hi."

Sean, "And Wade, who plays Devin."

Wade, "Research we must do."

Sean, "I hate you guys so much."

Episode Summary Edit

The gang starts their journey back south, down to the base camp in the Shield Peaks. They soon come across a weird area where all motion, save for theirs, is halted. They investigate a green glow that leads them to a cultist ritual. The cultists have summoned a demon in the form of a French Angel Fish. Altough they prevail in the end, Devin Silverton is desintegrated by the demon.

The remaining four make it back to camp by CAR, break down the camp, teleport into Stebrook, and start preparing a funeral ceremony for Devin’s ashes, which they brought back with them.

The people in the Floating City are surprisngly chipper, and there is a big party going on at Chotchkie’s. A huge, glass-windowed structure has popped up behind the tavern. The destill has been rebuilt bigger and better. Lorena Derwin, cured of lycanthropy, is working at the bar, unloading lots of cases from a wagon of Bach Flittergrind’s. She has relocated to Stebrook and makes a pumpkin brew now, which she sells to Chotchkie’s. It sells like hotcakes (or cheesy tots with bacon, for that matter). The people and Choo don’t take the news of Devin’s passing well, then Torrin remembers that he has a Trident of Fish Command.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Sparkles, "What do you mean, bring someone back from the dead?"
Torrin, "I mean like, if they were like, really dead? Like, super dead. Not like, on the way to dying, but like, dead—and then gone some further?"

Nedylene, "Look, I’m the only one who’s had to see him naked, so I should get the stuff."

Sean, "And Choo just tears up. And then starts bawling. And takes off his underwear. And drys a tear from his eye. And just runs, screaming, back into the crowd-"
Kyle, "-off the side of the Floating City, never to be seen from again. He went to the same place that Paeris’ sister went."

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