Episode description:
Still climbing that mountain...

Opening Quote:
"Why is there so much talk about bags of shit in this campaign?"—Sean

Player introduction:
Sean, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight I have Scott, who plays Nedylene."

Scott, "I am burning star four."

Sean, "Ben, who plays Stark."

Ben, "Hello."

Sean, "Matt who plays Markus."

Matt, "We must do research!"

Sean, "Wade, who plays Devin."

Devin, "Greetings and salutations."

Sean, "Aaand, uh, Kyle who plays Torrin."

Kyle, "Who are you? I'm no one."

Episode Summary Edit

The gang has trouble climbing in the mountains on their way north. They run into a band of Dwarves named Aldous, Dunkel and Tchatcho and get friendly. The Dwarves help them find their way up a mountain to a cave entrance. A large ice creature guards it, and they have to fight it.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Kyle, "My t-rex was a total fail-burger."

Wade, "Travers needs to be in every D&D session ever."
Scott, "You know that every D&D group has something like that? Where it carries over from every single game to the next?"

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