Episode description:
This week on a very special TableTop Champions. The gang is so excited...they are so excited....they are so scared. For more information about Svirfneblin please visit your local library.

Opening Quote:
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And I slip into a little Spanish from time to time."—Albor/Alvis

Player introduction:
Sean, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions podcast, I'm Sean your DM and with me tonight I have Ben who plays Stark."

Ben, "Greetings and salutations."

Sean, "Matt who plays Markus."

Matt, "Hello!"

Sean, "Wade, who plays Devin."

Wade, "Nothing evens the odds like a little bit of lightning."

Sean, "Kyle, who plays Torrin."

Kyle, "Family, Duty, Honor."

Sean, "And Scott, who plays Nedylene."

Scott, "Pride and purpose."

Episode Summary Edit

The gang finally escapes Mecazeran by jumping into Torrin’s Bag of Holding, then teleporting away on Sparkles. They find themselves near a Svirfneblin homestead, where they are greeted by three Deep Gnomes. One of them introduces himself first as Albor, and later again as Alvis, since he had a little too much wine. The Svirfneblin extend their lasting friendship to The Chosen because they also hate Silaqui. Nedylene takes this as an invitation to buy Underdark shrooms from them as Merethyl, much to the confusion of everybody else. She buys a big load of mushrooms and can’t resist to try one. Once back on the surface, Markus examines Elizabet and determines that her ailment is stemming from an extraplanar link, located in the three layers of the Abyss, specifically the one where Torog resides.

Back in Avisac, Alvareis is briefed about the meeting with Silaqui in episode 024. He also says that he cannot help Elizabet. Markus casts Remove Curse, which fails to remove the red symbol of Torog from her chest, but wakes her up. She divulges that she was abducted by Silaqui’s helpers and forced to try and lure Stark into the Underdark with the love notes she wrote to him. Torrin explains that Nedylene insisted they come rescue her, but Elizabet does not know any Drow besides Merethyl. Torrin then claims Nedylene is Merethyl, but the Drow cannot understand anything going on as the shrooms have kicked in.

Moving on anyway, Elizabet explains that Silaqui is a lich, and that she used part of Elizabet’s life force for her philactory, but then changed plans, which also explains her tie to the Abyss. She then asks to be killed for fear of being used to fight The Chosen, but they refuse to do it. Markus uses a ritual to feel out Torog’s dark grip on her life force.

The group then returns to Stebrook, where it turns out the goblins have broken out of their crates and used the wood to attach a tree fort to The Mage College. Stark, Markus and Devin shelter Elizabet at the school, while Torrin and Nedylene fall back to Tchochkie's, experimenting with shrooms. Markus and Devin research Elizabet’s ailment at the library and find a single ancient relevant book. It explains that the split life force functions to control Elizabet from the Abyss. There is no known cure, but the bond is broken if the extraplanar entity is killed. Devin resolves to kill Torog.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Albor/Alvis, "We have se finest ores, and se finest gems, not to mention se finest baguettes to find in se Underdark!"

Torrin, "It’s probably gonna be a lie."
Nedylene, "My name is Merethyl."
Torrin, "Yup."

Sean, "It just says: F-U-R-T-R-U-S."
Torrin, "Furtrus! Aw, wait a second. God dammit."

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