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At the entrance into Mecazeran, the group gets knocked out and taken prisoner. Silaqui is happy to talk to them and suggests they give up resisting and submit to Torag, her god of the manacles. When the party challenges her on the benefit of this, she offers vague promises of great boons. The party is not impressed and proceeds to mock her to her face until she quits in frustration. Defiant, she suggests that the group may prove their worth by escaping the Drow stronghold, which she has turned into a death trap. Sparkles, freed from a wall carpet, reminds them that Elizabet needs saving. Looking for her and an exit, they fight their way through the stronghold.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Silaqui, "Enough of this silliness!"
Torrin, "Aw, come on, that’s our whole MO."

Silaqui, "If you wish to speak with me, send a raven to Allister’s roost."
Nedylene, "Can I just send a raven to Torag?"

Nedylene, "I am like, Wolverene, except for, lock picks come out."