Episode description:
The gang receives a message from an old friend and debate about what to do next.

Opening Quote:
"Yes! I do not appreciate that! I have a doctor in my field! My name is professor Markus!"—Markus
"Why do you keep a doctor in your field?"—Torrin

Player introduction:
Sean, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight I have Scott, who plays Nedylene-"

Scott, "Ours Is the Fury!"

Sean, "Wade, who plays Devin-"

Wade, "Arrrgh!"

Sean, "Kyle, who plays Torrin-"

Kyle, "Proud to Be Faithful."

Sean, "Matt, who plays Markus-"

Matt, "No Foe May Pass!"

Sean, "And Ben, who plays Stark."

Ben, "Hello!"

Episode Summary Edit

Return to AvisacEdit

Snugg the Troll has wandered off before The Five reach Avisac. Travers the Stablekeep is waiting for the party at the city gates. He somehow has knowledge of a message from Silaqui to The Five, then gets all up in their business. Nobody but Devin will show him much love, ultimately alienating him. A guard sends the group on to Alvareis, who awaits them in the inner city with the message from Silaqui. She asks The Chosen to a meeting in the Underdark.

Torrin smells a trap and does not want to go. Stark thinks it might be a chance to kill her. Nedylene falls in with him and suggests to make the meeting a trap for Silaqui instead. Markus wonders how she knows about Nedylene and him traveling with The Chosen. Devin sees a pretense to create a horde of goblins loyal to him. Torrin is wildly opposed to this because of his prejudice and disdain against goblins; he argues the group should go on closing demon portals instead. Then Alvareis suddenly remembers that the message came with a small box containing a pendant belonging to Elizabet. This motivates the group to go and meet Silaqui.

Major DisagreementsEdit

They then leave Lorena Deravin with Alvareis to have her cured of lycanthropy. Devin wants to take everybody back to Stebrook, hoping he can float the city someplace else to recruit Choo’s tribe for his goblin horde before the gang travels to the Underdark. The party gets into a big argument over the path to take and the benefit of a goblin horde loyal to Devin. The Tiefling is ultimately shut down, and leaves the rest of the party to an argument whether or not Torrin is a racist, meanwhile flying his CAR to the Mage College. Once there, his assistant leads him to a number of foul smelling wooden crates which definitely do not contain Choo’s tribe. He gives orders not to look inside or release the things whithin, but to keep them alive, then rejoins the group.

The Search for MecazeranEdit

The voyage to the cave and through the tunnels is largely uneventful. When the group finally reaches the entrance into Mecazeran, they are surrounded by giant constructs made from bone. The party fights bravely, but are all subdued and taken prisoner, save for Nedylene, who has molten into the shadows.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Travers, "I would gladly go down with the ship if I was the captian!"
Torrin, "Yes. You are the captain of the stables."
Nedylene, "Someone, please, let him go down with the ship."

Nedylene, "I don’t know what you’re talking about, because I’m not Merethyl."
Torrin, "Aw, you said the name! You said the name!

Markus, "I’ve heard of THE Mage College! All I heard was it’s just nothing but a fraternity house to make fireworks!"

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