Intro Edit

Episode description:
The gang finds themselves deep in the belly of a fish. How are they getting out of this one? Literally.

Opening Quote:
"Did a frog djinni just come on me?" -Kyle

Player introduction:
Sean, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master, and tonight we have a group of fish bait, I've got Kyle, who plays Torrin."

Kyle, "Yo yo yo."

Sean, "Ben, who plays Stark."

Ben, "Yo-ho."

Sean, "Scott, who plays Paeris."

Scott, "Aaargh!"

Sean, "And Wade, who plays Devin."

Wade, "I've got a jar of dirt."

Kyle, "You always have to be the one who doesn't go along with it, don't you?"

Episode Summary Edit

The party tries to find a way out of the gigantic fish that swallowed the floating city in the prior episode. The belly of the beast is full of dangerous caverns, traps and creatures. In the end they find a frog-like genie who grants them a wish. After careful consideration Torrin wishes to appear next to a portal that will lead them to a dangerous lich which stands in between them and their escape. Their wish is granted, but as expected, in an unexpected way. The genie has put The Five on the far side of the portal, already inside the Shadow Realm, and already facing the lich.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Kyle, "Torrin has been drinking his own pee for no reason, anyway."

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