Episode description:
So much planning....SOO much planning

Opening Quote:
"And-uh, you know, the only thing, thankfully, is Paeris' sister remains unmolested." -Kyle

Player introduction:
Sean, "Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master, and tonight we have Torrin, Slayer of Dragons!"

Kyle, "I'm a Dragonborn, that seems counterproductive."

Sean, "We have Scott, who plays Paeris, the Great Duke of ... of multiple places."

Scott, "Uh, Jurassic Park is better than Game of Thrones."

Sean, "How dare you."

Kyle, "I quit!"

Sean, "Yup, I quit! We have Stark, the great king of Irulan itself- who's played by Ben."

Ben, "Well, you know. For now."

Scott, "Until Sean kills him, like in every episode."

Sean, "And we have Devin."

Scott, "Hey, Devin has THE Mage College!"

Sean, "I know. I was just kidding. We have Devin, the Great Archmage of the- of THE Mage School!"

Wade, "I kind of miss the countdown."

Episode Summary Edit

The Five fly Stebrook to Doladhon so they can close a portal they left open before the plot of season one. This is the city where Torrin robbed a bank, and he is accused of the crime, but the group defends him against the accusations. The gang wants to fly to Yenpool next, but Devin is weary of flying over the ocean. He insists on resupplying in Avisac, and then island-hopping on a course straight east from Avisac to Yenpool, a route which is much longer than the one from New Weedale to Yenpool. This however leads to desaster when an angler fish of gigantic proportions jumps out of the ocean and swallows the floating city of Stebrook whole.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Kyle, "Welcome to the Tabletop Champions podcast, where we just do inside jokes that you don't get!"

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