Episode description:
The party goes into the woods looking for flowers....what could go wrong?...

Opening Quote:
"Look, is this just shit on the DM night, or what? I'm trying to do my best to give you guys a god-damn adventure!" - Sean
"A-And, hold on!" - Kyle
"Suspend disbelief, enjoy yourself, god dammit!" - Sean

Player introduction:
Sean, "Greetings and salutations! Welcome to another Tabletop Champions podcast. I'm your dungeon master Sean and with me tonight I have Scott."

Scott, "Hello!"

Sean, "I have Ben."

Ben, "Hi!"

Sean, "I have Kyle."

Kyle, "Greetings and salutations."

Sean, "And I have Wade."

Wade, "Oh and by the way Kyle: Sean said that before you, so."

Kyle, "I know, I was actually secretly hoping we were all going to say Greetings and Salutations."

Episode Summary Edit

The Five must seek a Geneseth flower in the Colleca Jungle and collect dew of the morning from it in order to heal Paeris’ sister Valanth from food poisoning which she contracted after meeting Silaqui during the prior siege of Avisac. But the group is sidetracked by a whimsical being, leading them to a pixie lady, who supplies them a map that shall lead them to a magical tree. Once there, they attempt to convince the tree to supply a Geneseth flower, but fail. Devin then uses a love potion on the tree, making it fall in love and compliant with him. The tree then supplies the flower, but the group is now lost in the forest. They decide to just windwalk back to Avisac, where they learn that much more time has passed outside the forest. They still heal Valanth, but now Paeris and Devin fight over the right to her company. Devin manages to win the argument and gets to shelter Valanth in The Mage College after her recovery. This is also where Choo now dwells.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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