Episode description:
What kind of mischief can the gang get up to this week?

Opening Quote: "I grab her hand and put it in mine, like I'm holding her hands in a very loving way, before ******* Devin can touch my sister." - Scott

Player introduction:
Sean, "Welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions podcast, I'm Sean your DM, and tonight I have Scott, who plays Paeris."

Scott, "Good evening!"

Sean, "I have Ben, who plays Stark."

Ben, "Hello!"

Sean, "I have Kyle, who plays Torrin."

Kyle, "Greetings and salutations!"

Sean, "(laughs) And I have Wade, who plays Devin."

Wade, "Wade says screw you to Kyle and Devin says fuck you to Torrin."

Sean, "Just so you guys know, the way I do this is I go from the bottom up in chat."

Episode SummaryEdit

Player recap of the previous episodeEdit

Scott rolls d20 = 20 and chooses Sean to do the recap:

Flew to Avisac on Stebrook, the floating cityPaeris comes up with rope ladders for civilians to travel from Stebrook to ground. Devin and staff from THE Mage College come up with teleportation stones.

Avisac was smoking and covered with prismatic dome. Torrin kills Bawk Bawk.

Discovered Order of the Raven had taken control of the city.

Discovered Devin's master has been kidnapped.

Began battle with Order of the Raven.

Full Episode SummaryEdit

Battle between the group and the Order of the Raven at barricades.

Stark and Torrin take big hits. Torrin and Paeris are covered by enemy's blood.

Stark and Torrin find tunnel used by OtR and the Raven graffito "267" is noted.

Stark receives the last part of the relic, a key.

The King of Irulan dies from wound caused by blade (dark light blade) wielded by beast of "shadow and terror".

Memorable Quotes Edit

Sean, "And now the relic has been returned to you in full. You are now the main bearer of the main relic that you’ve been seeking forever."
Stark, "Okay."


  • The Chosen Five have a "triforce" necklace.
  • The group were given "The Mark of the Fallen" insignia for rescuing the King.
  • Paeris owns a "Mark of the Gnomish Kind".

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