Humanity has battled with evil throughout the ages. Fought tirelessly to protect itself from being consumed by the monstrous horrors that plagued the land, but as darkness grow the flame of hope grows dim. Who shall rekindle the fire, who shall save us.

Episode 2 Audio

Brawling and Bawling

Catch Phrase of the Episode: I grab her hand and put it in mine, like I'm holding her hands in a very loving way, before F**kn Devin can touch my sister - Paeris


Dungeon Master Extraordinaire Sean

The Chosen Five from ProphesyEdit

Paeris Mithalmyr      High-Elf          Cleric         Scott    (AKA Lord/Earl/Baron/Duke Paeris of New Weedale)

Devin Silverton          Tiefling           Sorcerer     Wade

Torrin Biri Donnar      Dragonborn   Fighter       Kyle

Stark                          Half-Elf          Paladin       Ben

The team is down to four.

Review of the previous episode provided by (chosen by random die roll):Edit

Scott (rolls nat 20 gets to choose who does the review)  Sean reports:

Flew to Avisac, via Stebrook.  Paeris comes up with rope ladders for civilians to travel from floating city to ground below (mile high floating city). Devin and staff from The Mage College come up with teleportation stones.

Avisac was smoking and covered with prismatic dome - Torrin kills BawkBawk

Discovered Order of the Raven had taken control of the city

Discovered Devin's master had been kidnapped.

Began battle with Order of the Raven

Episode 2 Action:Edit

Battle between the group and the Order of the Raven at barricades. 

Stark and Torrin take big hits.

Torrin and Paeris are covered by enemy's blood

Stark and Torrin find tunnel used by OtR  in the Raven graffiti "267" is noted

Stark receives the last part of the relic (Key)

King dies from wound caused by blade (dark light blade) weilded by beast of "shadow and terror"


Episode 2 Body Count

Final Strokes:Edit

Torrin cuts off injured Raven's hand and the rebel bleeds to death

Torrin swings his axe three times cuts off the rebels leg, disarms his foe, the final swing nearly cuts the Raven in half.

Stark using his sword cuts off his opponent's arm using Divine Smite, then on the back swing cuts his head off.

Collateral damageEdit


NPCs IntroducedEdit

Female tailor shop owner


The Chosen Five from Prophesy have "triforce" necklace

The group were given "The Mark of the Fallen" insignia for rescuing the King of Leodor (episode prior to beginning podcast)

They had to rescue the King because of actions of a member of the group (no longer present)

Paeris owns "Mark of the Gnomish Kind"

Memorable Quotes Edit

Sean, "And now the relic has been returned to you in full. You are now the main bearer of the main relic that you’ve been seeking forever."
Stark, "Okay."