Devin is a Tiefling sorcerer played by Wade. Devin has blood red skin, short black hair and yellow eyes. He is clean shaven and believes that all are equal. Those who say otherwise deserve jokes or worse. Devin has an affinity for burning things as well as a tendency to fight shirtless. The combination of getting raised in a brothel and his Tiefling charisma, means that Devin lives a very promiscuous sexual life. He's always looking for attractive girls to seduce.

As The Chosen Five were saving Stebrook from crashing into the ocean, they learned that Devin is able to control the city. In reward for saving the city, Devin was appointed Headmaster of THE Mage College.


Devin grew up in an Avisac brothel named The Queen's Loins. He was left there when he was a baby, because the person who left him thought it was a church (which it used to be). When Devin was about 18 years, he had a thing with the law's wife and therefore got in trouble with the law himself. Subsequently he burned off the law's face, learning how to do magic.

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