"Look into my eye!"


Cyrus Sabal is a Human Hexblade Warlock played by Matt in season four and six.

Cyrus has a tanned complexion and short, brown hair, he had one blue eye. The other eye he always concealed behind an eye patch. He wore scaled mail armor, well kept in quality, but also well worn in use. Scars around his face spoke of a life that was seldom far from violence.

A stout melee fighter, his preferred weapon was the halberd that he wielded with adroit efficiency. Drawing on the warlock's pact he forged with a powerful otherworldly being, he was also able to wield dangerous magics against his foes.

Another item of interest about this adventurer was his interest and skill in the visual arts. Specifically, Cyrus would often sketch to pass the time, and enjoyed painting on a canvas, when it was convenient.



From his first introduction at the start of season 4, we see that Cyrus Sabal is a haunted soul with a shadowed past. While he doesn't speak about it directly at first, we eventually learn that he hails from Jildos, the City of War, but cannot ever return.

On the podcastEdit

Season 4Edit

  • Cyrus chooses to take a kris bladed dagger in Episode 148 - An Unlikely Grouping as a war prize. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a Cursed Dagger of Ariman and repeatedly tries compelling him to harm himself and others. It is not until Episode 151 - Whatever It Takes that Cyrus is relieved of the dagger and then only while his hand, gripping the dagger, is thrust into an open flame.
  • In Episode 158 - Did I Do That?, Cyrus is nearly destroyed by a spiritual being coming out of a Drow portal. After failing a death save and feeling his soul begin to leave his body, his patron intercedes at the last moment, saving him, but as a deathlock.
  • After being forced to relinquish his own clothing and armor in exchange for prison garb, Cyrus is revealed to have the Jildos military deserters mark tattooed on the back of his neck (Episode 161 - Baggage).

Season 6Edit


Cyrus died while protecting Boone from a massive blast from a demonic entity, vaporizing him completely.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Look into my eye.


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