Clover Blossom is a Mousefolk wizard played by Sean in season five. He owns a gray Bag of Tricks from which he can pull various animal friends large and small to aid him and his party.

Light brown hair, green embellished monk robes, and a crutch. He has a bum leg which is why he uses the crutch. He has a small grey pouch on his belt and a green traveling cloak to match.



Fanart Colin byWishbit

Colin Timble, Clover's idol (Fanart by @wishbit)

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Henrietta and MelodyEdit

Henrietta and Melody Blossom are Clover's adoptive parents and live in Haven.

On the podcastEdit

Clover is taken prisoner by the Drow along with Irpaks, Throden, Fanel and Raquel in episode 185.


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Memorable QuotesEdit

Chubbs the boar, "No. No see. Loud pop. No house. Hit ground. Hurt. Hungry? Food?"

Henrietta, "(screeching) Clover?! Oh! Oh! Are you okay? Honey! Honey I hear Clover in my head where are you your mother and I are worried sick about you Leena and-"


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