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This is our top-level category, i.e. the root category.

Every other category—except Category:Tabletop Champions Wiki—should be a subcategory of at least one other category. Conversely, every article should be in at least one category.

A complete list of all pages can be found at Special:AllPages, which is another way of browsing our wiki.

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  • The wiki home page is in this category, for search engine purposes and best practices.
  • The Content category is intended for all articles about the Tabletop Champions Podcast: members, player characters, NPCs, episodes, lore, etc.
  • The Managment category is intended for behind the scenes content that helps manage the wiki, such as Category:Templates and Category:Blog posts.
  • The Files category collects any files uploaded to the wiki. These are mostly images, including fanart.

A full list of existing categories can be found at Special:Categories. For additional info and help go to Help:Category.

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