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This page list the episode catch phrases from the intro songs.

If you can hear what is said in some of the missing part (marked with: text), please feel free to correct them. Likewise if you can hear who says the catch phrase (missing marked with: person)

Season 1 Edit

Episode 00: "There were literally bags of poop thrown around, uhm" - Sean, "Multiple times" - Wade, "I forgot about the bag of shit, Jesus" - Kyle

Episode 01: "I can spend all day trying to catch a rat, or I can just go pick up someone's chicken and throw it off, and that's what I do" - Kyle (Torrin)

Episode 02: "I grab her hand and put it in mine, like I'm holding her hands like in a very loving way, before fucking Devin can touch my sister" - Scott (Paeris)

Episode 03: "Look is this just shit on the DM night or what? I'm trying to do my best to give you guys a goddamn adventure. Suspend disbelief enjoy yourself goddammit" - Sean

Episode 04: "You go to a brothel and you sleep alone and read a book. What the fuck." - Kyle

Episode 05: "Wikipedia don't do me like this" - Person

Episode 06: "Hey uhm, I've never been good at subtlety so if you just say my name again I will just kill.” “T-drag just uhh. I, listen…" Kyle and Sean (Torrin and Travers)

Episode 07: "I thought it was, I thought it was just baron" Wade. "Year fuck you. Fuck you so hard right now Devin" Scott (Paeris)

Episode 08: "I have to do three to water, it doesn't work" - Sean

Episode 09: "None of this shit was supposed to happen" - Sean

Episode 10: "And the only thing... Thankfully his sister, Paeris' sister remains unmolested" - Kyle

Episode 11: "Did a frog djini just cum on me?" - Kyle (Torrin)

Episode 12: "Year remember you still haven't had sex with my sister yet, so you wanna keep her alive" - Scott (Paeris)

Episode 13: "Astral owl" - Wade

Episode 14: "We're gonna go punch a fish in the throat and probably get vomited into the ocean does that sound like a lot of fun to you?" - Kyle

Episode 15: "My tingles" - Person

Episode 16: “Devin definitely flaming, but not in that sort of way” - Wade

Season 2 Edit

Episode 49: "You know what, I've had a really bad day and I just hate the fucking eagles" - Stephanie

Episode 50: "Uhh sausage is awesome" - Matt

Episode 51: " <<gulping noices>> that better make the sound bite." - Sean 

Episode 52: "Here at the Burger King" - Person 

Episode 53: "<<Voices>>"

Episode 54: "That's fine, note to Kyle: No matter how goddamn funny that is don't do it." - Kyle

Episode 55: "The whole reason we are in this mess is because all of us forgot everything." - Stephanie

Episode 56: "Wiener" - Stephanie

Episode 57: "Maybe I just wanted him to die, who knows" - Ben

Episode 58: "So could I grab his hand and we start skipping together to the library?" - Stephanie

Episode 59: "I mean if you want, you know, we can take turns pulling the donkey." - Ben (Skragg)

Episode 60: "Yeah, I just gonna say, I wanna investigate that pumpkin." - Scott

Episode 61: "So are we ever gonna accomplish anything?" - Stephanie

Episode 62: "Your fisting is poor" - Stephanie 

Episode 63: "That's all I can get out before I ran inside, jumped over my dog, and passed my wife screaming emergency poop" - Sean

"You text is ready" - Matt

Episode 64: "No more holes" - Scott (Margane)

Episode 65: "I got spurs that dingle dangle dingle" - Sean

Episode 66: "Sure hold on, let me use my magic puppet power" - Scott (Margane)

Episode 67: "Come on, lease tea-bag my tongue" - Scott (Margane)

Episode 68: "Bye, say goodbye to the things we said, they are all gone" - Kyle

Episode 69: "He asked what it was, I don't know, you don't pour somthing in someone if they are curious what it is still" - Kyle

Episode 70: "It's not really a thing." - Person

"It's always fun?" - Person

Episode 71: " 'Scream' " - Scott (Margane)

Episode 72: "Kay, I won't forget that you ran away" - Sean

Episode 73: "Okay anyway, let's get back to playing Dungeons and Dragons, and not this goofy bullshit" - Sean

Episode 74: "And that's Dungeons and Dragons everyone, pack it in let's go home" - Sean

Episode 75: "I don't like… I don't like literally everything." - Kyle (Eutax)

Episode 76: "All right, bye pukie buckets" - Scott (Margane)

Episode 77: "There are no holes, please stop." - Kyle

Episode 78: "Hello." - Sean

"You didn't miss much, so don't worry."  - Kyle

"Okay." - Sean

"Nothing happened." - Kyle

"I felt it was appropriate." - Matt

"It was honey, it was." - Stephanie

"Sure." - Kyle

Episode 79: "Then he's like "blarrgg" and then he falls" - Stephanie

Episode 80: "We need to get rid of these corpses." - Stephanie (D'Nias)

Episode 81: "All sorts of freaky stuff" - Scott (Margane)

"And I get to watch." - Matt (Aramel)

"Oh" - Stephanie

Episode 82: "Great, sure what are you gonna fucking cast?" - Sean

Episode 83: "Holy bamboozle me" - Ben (Skragg)

Episode 84: "It's on like Donkey Kong" - Matt (Aramel)

Episode 85: "Do you just get off on this" - Kyle (Eutax)

Episode 86: "Oh, hold on my Eutax is ringing" - Scott (Margane)

Episode 87: "All I heard was classic pizza goof" - Sean

Episode 88: "Food is really good" - Person

Episode 89: "Was someone vaping right there?" - Sean

"Sorry" - Stephanie

Episode 90: "I'm inside him" - Matt (Aramel)

Episode 91: "I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't jacking" - Stephanie

Episode 92: "I like grabbing stuff" - Matt (Aramel)

Episode 93: "I'm a gross person. I pooped myself." - Sean

Episode 94: "Let's finish this off with mostly part jokes" - Kyle

Episode 95: "Argon Smagswag" - Kyle

"A character in conflict with himself. This is great. Edit mark, edit mark, edit mark, edit mark." - Sean

"So, make sure you cut all this out Kyle" - Stephanie

"No, I'mma leave this in. I'mma highlight it, this is all the opening quote" - Kyle

Episode 96: "So unenthusiastic, he he” - Stephanie

Episode 97: "Yeah it, it was good. And I love roleplay, you guys know me" - Sean 

Season 3 Edit

Episode 98: "They weren’t even supposed to be here today" - Sean

Episode 99: "Mister ohh she text text it's gonna be so lighthearted" - Person (Stephanie/Lauren?)

Episode 100: "I am sorry about whatever happen" - Kyle (Colin)

Episode 101: "Eww this is gross. And they like poke it with their fingers" - Sean

Episode 102: "I picture the horse riding Minos" - Sean

Episode 103: "This is just why you don't help people" - Stephanie (Alenia)

Episode 104: "Bring these... Bring me sausages, urhhh" - Sean (Gerbo Namfoodle)

Episode 105: "Somebody think of the children" - Stephanie

Episode 106: “Do we have to go see mister Goodboy?” – Kyle

Episode 107: “I’m a beefcake okay” – Matt (Minos)

Episode 108: “Best pirate ever” - Sean

Episode 109: “Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle” – Kyle (Colin)

Episode 110: “This is just the night of computer fuckery” - Sean

Episode 111: "It's a magical STD" - Matt (Minos)

Episode 112: "God, It's full of stars" - Sean

Episode 113: "I don't pee in your hot tub" - Sean

Episode 114: "There's something funky going on in the forest" - Lauren (Ren)

Episode 115: "Have some butter with that and it sounds like a good time" - Matt (Minos)

Episode 116: "It seemed like the thing to do?" - Lauren (Ren)

Episode 117: "Like puppets?" - Stephanie

Episode 118: "You don't know my kraken" - Kyle

Episode 119: "wah wah waaahh" - Kyle

Episode 120: "<<Urrgghhh>>" - Lauren

Episode 121: "Thank you very much" - Stephanie (Lux)

Episode 122: "Ugh fuck" - Lauren

Episode 123: "Stop encouraging bad behavior, dammit!" - Lauren (Ren)

Episode 124: "Just google: Best magic item ever" - Stephanie

Episode 132: "New phone, who dis?" - Lauren.

Season 4 Edit

Episode 145: "I found a really cool bug." - Brenna

Episode 146: " 'If I could staay aawake, just to hear you breaaathing!' " - Sean