Caldious Argonaut is a Warmage played by Matt. Warmages in Irulan come from the Warmage Wollege created by Markus Landor. Caldious is in his thirties, he has starting gray lines in his black hair, sharp green eyes which have seen many wars. He wears a well made leather armor and a cloak with the symbol of the Warmage college on his back.



Caldious used to be a regular person with a family, trying to be a good person. A few years ago Caldious had an apprentice called Morgan, who appeared to die in a battle. However, after Caldious was sent home to mourn the loss of his apprentice, Caldious found his family dead. Caldious discovered that his wife had been stabbed in the back with the very sword he had created for his apprentice. Now Caldious is on a hunt to kill Morgan, who now has joined a cult.

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Season 4Edit

While Caldious does not reappear in season four, Matt reprises this role for the special episode Merry December 25th.


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