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Ben MacDonald is a player on the Tabletop Champions Podcast from the very beginning000. He is known for his inventive character design, often eking out great benefits from small things without sounding like a min-maxer. He is further known for his extensive and readily available knowledge of the Dungeons and Dragons rules, and his gentle, non-intrusive rules lawyering has become a resource to all DMs and players on the show. It has also earned him the comical alias "Clippy", a reference to the quite intrusive and useless digital assistant designed by Microsoft.

Ben also wrote the setting of "the Blood Fens" for season four. It includes the famous organization of the Syrellian Crime Family.

Characters played by Ben[]

Memorable Quotes[]

Ben, "It seems like you are trying to do an intro. Would you like me to say hello?"045

Lauren, "I'm a strong, independent DM, I don't need no Ben."185

Sean, "When you’re walking down the beach and you see one set of footprints behind you: that’s Ben, carrying you."041


Find Ben @thev0idman on twitter. The O is a zero!