Avisac is a major city located just below the equator in Irulan, surrounded by lakes and a couple of days travel inland from the shores of the Sea of Agas. It is partially surrounded by jungles which are extensions of the Tupachi Jungle and the Whispering Jungle in the North and of the Colleca/Cloaca Jungle in the West. To the South, a desert and a mountain range separate it from the Elven Kingdom of Llandy.

The City of Castles is perhaps the most important city in the realm in season one and season two. Before the Shock, it held the royal palace where the King of Irulan resided and the Council of Nine assembled. Avisac was also the capital of the realm of Leodor and was ruled by House Egoman. The Order of the Raven was very active in the city and is responsible for many terrorist attacks.

The long history of Avisac came to a sudden end with the Shock. Since season three, the area is commonly known as the Fallen Empire of Avisac and largely deserted.

Layout Edit

The City of Castles is organized into three concentric districts which are each separated by walls and gates:

  • Inner Circle
    • Royal palace: holding the throne of the King of Irulan and the Council of Nine. Alvareis works here.
  • Middle Circle
  • Outer Circle
  • Surrounding area
    Avisac E1

    Location of New Weedale

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