"That's not a dagger in my pocket!"


Aramel is an elven swashbuckler played by Matt in season two. He has the sharp angular features of elves, a bald face with green eyes and a constant smirk on his lips. He wears a deep v-neck shirt, with a captains jacket on top and a dagger on one side and a rapier on the other.

Aramel is always attempting to score with attractive people he meets, not limiting himself to gender and race. He has a large thirst for alcohol and is always ready to drink, any time of the day.



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On the podcastEdit

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Special ItemsEdit

  • The Butt of the Joke: Aramel has an enchanted rapier, which allows him to perform one vicious mockery per encounter.
  • Magic Feather: When Percy tells Aramel to leave The Cutter, Aramel decides to steal one of the magic feathers from the ship.


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